Pokémon Survivor- Greece is the fifth season of Pokémon survivor. It was the first season to feature 20 survivors.

Location Sfakia, Chania Unit, Crete, Greece
Number of Survivors 20
Tribes Athena
Winner Google the Porygon-Z(8-1-0)
Player of the Season Google the Porygon-Z
8 Cary, Google, Al
16 Jethro, Kit
18 Cary, Lochness
Contestant Nickname Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
Ivysaur Gardenia Athena None None 1st Voted Out Day 3 6
Nidorino Spike Athena None None 2nd Voted Out Day 6 3
Bellsprout Nepenthes Athena None None 3rd Voted Out Day 9 5
Tangela Vinea Athena None None 4th Voted Out Day 12 3
Spiritomb Crystal Hercules None None 5th Voted Out Day 15 8
Mamoswine Max Hercules None None 6th Voted Out Day 18 7
Zapdos N/A Athena None None 7th Voted Out Day 18 3
Shuckle Berry Athena None None Quit Day 19 2
Vulpix Kit Hercules Hercules None 8th Voted Out 1st Jury Member Day 21 5
Buizel Jethro Hercules Hercules None 9th Voted Out 2nd Jury Member Day 21 3
Palkia N/A Hercules Athena None 10th Voted Out 3rd Jury Member Day 24 4
Jolteon Static Shock Hercules Athena Zeus 11th Voted Out 4th Jury Member Day 27 5
Empoleon Al Hercules Hercules 12th Voted Out 5th Jury Member Day 30 5
Gyarados Lochness Athena Hercules 13th Voted Out 6th Jury Member Day 33 15
Magmortar Vesuvius Athena Athena 14th Voted Out 7th Jury Member Day 36
Bronzong Copper Hercules Athena 15th Voted Out 8th Jury Member Day 37 4
Stantler Cary Athena Athena 16th Voted Out 9th Jury Member Day 38 7
Shaymin N/A Athena Hercules 2nd Runner-Up 5
Purugly Beauty Hercules Hercules 1st Runner-Up 5*
Porygon-Z Google Hercules Athena Sole Survivor 5
Hercules None Gardenia 1st Voted Out Day 3 6
Hercules Nepenthes Spike 2nd Voted Out Day 6 3
Hercules Hercules
Hercules Hercules
Athena Athena
Hercuels Google
Athena Kit 4-2 8th Voted Out 1st Jury Member Day 15
Athena Athena Jethro 4-1 9th Voted Out 2nd Jury Member Day 18
Athena Hercules Beauty Palkia 4-2 10th Voted Out 3rd Jury Member Day 21
None Google None Static Shock 5-4 11th Voted Out 4th Jury Member Day 24
Gardenia 6/10 votes Spike 3/3 votes Nepenthes 5/8 votes Vinea 3/7 votes Crystal 9/10 votes Max 8/9 votes Tie 3/3 votes Zapdos 3/4 votes Berry No Vote
Google Crystal Max
Beauty Crystal Max
Shaymin Lochness Spike Lochness Zapdos
Cary Gardenia Nepenthes Nepenthes Lochness Zapdos Zapdos
Copper Crystal Max
Vesuvius Gardenia Nepenthes Nepenthes Vinea Shaymin Zapdos
Lochness Gardenia Nepenthes Nepenthes Berry Shaymin Shaymin
Al Crystal Max
Static Shock Crystal Max
Palkia Crystal Max
Jethro Crystal Max
Kit Crystal Max
Berry Gardenia Nepenthes Nepenthes Vinea Zapdos Zapdos
Zapdos Gardenia Nepenthes Nepenthes Vinea Shaymin
Max Crystal Beauty
Crystal Jethro
Vinea Lochness Spike Lochness Berry
Nepenthes Lochness Spike Lochness

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