Credit Order- Tangrowth, Seviper, Aurorus, Infernape,Electivire, Gardevoir, Zangoose,Milotic, Dusknoir, Beautifly, Porygon-Z

12 Chefs Compete November 17, 2015 Signature dishes Exploud's reason
  • Dusknoir- The only thing worse then being in a burning building with dusknoir, would be having him as my next head chef.
  • Milotic- Milotic is a good looking lady, but she's not a very good cook.
  • Seviper- Even without Zangoose, Seviper still makes simple mistakes and argues with her team constantly. Time for her to slither out of here
Original Teams New Teams
No. Chef 101 102 103
Electivire LOSE BoB NOM
Gardevoir LOSE WIN NOM
Hydreigon LOSE BoW LOSE
Infernape LOSE WIN NOM
Porygon-Z NOM BoB LOSE
Tangrowth BoW WIN LOSE
Zangoose NOM NOM BoW
10 Seviper NOM NOM OUT
11 Milotic LOSE OUT
12 Dusknoir OUT

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