The second cycle of PNTM featured 14 contestants. The winner was Lopunny who got a contract with Poke Model Management


Order Episodes
1 2 11 12 14 
01 Graveler Altaria Jolteon Lopunny Sealeo Roserade Charizard Sandslash Charizard Altaria Lopunny Lopunny Lopunny
02 Groudon Roserade    Combusken Roserade Roserade Charizard Roserade Charizard Charizard
03 Altaria Sealeo Venasaur Roserade Altaria Lopunny Lopunny Charizard Roserade
04 Venasaur Electrike   Sandslash Roserade Altaria
05 Jolteon Jolteon   Altaria Sandslash
06 Roserade Sandslash  Jolteon Jolteon
07 Lopunny Combusken   Jolteon Combusken
08 Combusken Charizard   Electrike Electrike
09 Sandslash Shroomish   Sealeo
10 Slaking Lopunny   Groudon Groudon
11 Charizard Groudon Shroomish Altaria Shroomish
12 Electrike Graveler  Combusken Venasaur
13 Shroomish Venasaur Graveler
14 Sealeo Slaking 


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