In order of elimination

  • Marisol Gonzalez
  • Shaun Dekky
  • Chun Wo-Ji
  • Samantha Juwwit
  • Vitktor Illes
  • Laurence Ogi
  • Stefanie John
  • Arnold Guiss
  • Carlyla Van Dersmangi
  • Davis Everett
  • Amanda Marsfield(Runner-Up)
  • Christina Gallsmitter(Winner)

Still in

credit order- Caryla, Chun, Samantha, Stefanie, Christina, Davis, Marisol, Arnold, Viktor, Laurence, Shaun, Amanda



Amanda vs. Stefanie- WINNER Amanda

Caryla vs. Shaun- WINNER Caryla

Viktor vs. Davis- WINNER Davis

Chun vs. Marisol WINNER Chun

Samantha vs. Christina WINNER Christina

Laurence vs. Arnold WINNER Arnold

WINNER Bracket

Amanda Vs. Caryla- Winner- Caryla

Davis vs. Chun- Winner- Chun

Christina vs. Arnold- Winner- Arnold

Chun vs. Caryla- Winner- Chun

Arnold vs. Chun- Winner-


LOSER Bracket

Stefanie vs. Laurence- Winner- Laurence

Viktor vs. Shaun- WINNER- Shaun

Stefanie vs. Viktor- WINNER- Viktor

Marisol vs. Samantha- WINNER- Samantha

Marisol vs. Stefanie- Winner- Stefanie

OUT- marisol


Pokeball Challenge- Wearing a blindfold, use your voice to guide your pokemon through a maze

WINNER- Viktor

OUT- Shaun



Viktor vs. Chun- Winner- Viktor

Stefanie vs. Samantha WINNER- Stefanie

Laurence vs. Arnold WINNER- Arnold

Christina vs. Davis WINNER- Christina

Amanda vs. Caryla- WINNER- Caryla


Viktor skips three rounds due to having highest number of pokemon still remaining in his battle.

Arnold vs. Christina- Winner- Arnold

Stefanie vs. Caryla- Winner- Caryla

Arnold vs. Caryla- Winner- Arnold

Arnold vs. Viktor- Winner- Arnold

LOSER Bracket

Amanda skips to final round due to having the most number of pokemon that survived during her battle out of the losers.

Chun vs. Davis- WINNER- Davis

Laurence vs. Samantha- WINNER- Samantha

Chun vs. Laurence- WINNER- Laurence

Chun vs. Amanda- WINNER- Amanda

OUT- Chun

Ep. 4

Winner- Stephanie

Eliminated- Samantha

Ep. 5


Amanda vs. Carlyla- Carlyla wins

Stephanie vs. Laurence- Stephanie wins

Viktor vs. Arnold- Arnold Wins

Christina vs. Davis- Davis wins

Carlyla vs. Arnold- Carlyla wins

Stephanie vs. Davis- Stephanie wins

Stephanie vs. Carlyla- Stephanie wins

Losers Bracket

Amanda vs. Christina- Amanda Wins

Viktor vs. Laurence- Laurence wins

Christina vs. Viktor- Christina Wins

OUT- Viktor


Winner- Christina

Eliminated- Laurence


Christina vs. Stephanie- Christina wins

Arnold vs. Carlyla- Carlyla wins

Davis vs. Amanda- Amanda wins

Winners Bracket-

Christina gets to the final round for having the most pokemon left in her battle.

Carlyla vs. Amanda- Amanda wins

Amanda vs. Christina- Christina wins

Losers Bracket

Davis(Charizard, Glaceon, Dragonite) vs. Arnold(Eelektross, Dusknoir, Scizor)-  Arnold wins

Davis(those 3) vs. Stephanie(Sceptile, Lickilicky, Hydreigon)- Davis wins

Eliminated- Stephanie


Winner- Amanda

Eliminated- Arnold


Amanda vs. Davis- Winner- Amanda

Carlyla vs. Christina- Winner- Christina

Amanda vs Christina- Winner- Amanda

Carlyla(Rhyperior, Chandelure, Kingdra) vs. Davis(Dragonite, Glaceon, Milotic)

Rhyperior vs. Glaceon

Glaceon wins

Glaceon vs. Kingdra

Kingdra wins

Milotic vs. Kingdra

Milotic wins

Eliminated- Carlyla

Episode 11

Winner- Amanda

Eliminated- Davis

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